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New Adds

Oct. 7, 1999
Lido Beach Party (06/13/95)

Majesty Shows: Colins era

Gates Of Babylon '86 (09/25/86, 10/25/86)

When Dream And Day Tour Unite

Afterlife - Early Fantasy - (11/14/89)

Pre-Images Shows

Totally Instrumental (11/17/90) *CD-R*

Images & Words Tour

Images & Tour - First American/Japanese Leg

Live In Long Island part I/ part II (10/04/92, 04/12/93)
Home Sweet Home (10/04/92)
Moon Bubbles (11/1-/92)
Classic Live (12/05/92)
Metropolis (12/13/92) *CD-R*
Dimension Shift (xx/xx/92)

Images & Tour - Second American Leg

The Dance Of Eternity (03/04/93)
Tragedy/Comedy (03/04/93)
Live Images (03/04/93)

Images & Tour - First European Leg

Consciously Unreal (04/05/93, 11/14/89)
Live & Alive, Milano, Part I/ Part II (04/05/93, 11/14/89, xx/xx/92)
Skyway Of Nightmares (04/07/93)
Perfect Dreams (04/09/93, 04/10/93)

Music In Progress - Third American Leg

Dream Out Loud (05/18/93)
Dream Theater (05/18/93)
Live USA (05/18/93)
Dance Of Eternity (05/18/93)
Lords Of Sound (06/29/93)
Puppies On Acid (06/29/93)
Drifting Away (06/29/93)
Excellent (07/22/93)

Music In Progress - Second Japanese leg

Dream In Progress '93 (08/23/93)
Mission: Impossible (08/28/93)

Music In Progress Second European Leg

Majestic Harmonies (10/27/93, Majesty Demos)
Lost In The Sky (11/15/93)
Milan 1993 (11/15/93)
Just Another Dream (11/15/93)
A Fortune Pulled Under (xx/xx/93) *LP
Runes (xx/xx/93)
Images & Tour! (xx/xx/93?)

pre-Awake shows

The Rudess Experiment (09/09/94) *CD-R*

Awake Tour

Waking Up The World Tour - American Leg

A Kick Into A Dream (10/28/94)
Dream Theater Caught In A Web Live USA 1994 (10/28/94)
Tap The Rockies (11/22/94)

Waking Up The World Tour - Japanese Leg

Mind Control (01/24/95, 02/xx/95)
Wake Up (01/24/95)
Rockin' Japan (01/24/95)
Majestic Melodies (01/24/95)
Live & Alive, Live USA (01/24/95)

Waking Up The World Tour - First European Leg

Uncovered (01/31/95, misc demo)
Another Uncovered (02/11/95)
A Constant Reminder (02/11/95) *CD-R*
Dream Concert (02/11/95, 02/15/95)
Vredenburg, Utrecht (02/14/95, some bonus tracks) *CD-R*

Waking Up The World Tour - American One-off Shows

Lido Beach Party (06/13/95)

Waking Up The World Tour - Second European Leg

Carpe Diem (07/08/95) *CD-R*

Winter 1995 "Home For The Holidays" Shows

Birch Hill Night Club (12/29/95) *CD-R*

An Evening of New Music with Dream Theater - The Fix for '96 Shows

The Fix For '96 (12/12/96, plus bonus tracks)

An Evening of New Music with Dream Theater - Europe '97

Past, Present & Future (04/11/97) *CD-R*
Small Club Adventure (04/13/97)
Caught In Amsterdam '97 (04/14/97)
In Germany (04/18/97)
Carpe Diem 1/2 (4/18/97) *CD-R*

Falling Into Infinity Tour

Touring Into Infinity - South American Leg

Caught In Sao Paulo (09/11/97) *CD-R*

Touring Into Infinity - First American Leg

A Sort Of Homecoming (10/25/97) *CD-R*
Stream of Consciousness (11/11/97) *CD-R*

Touring Into Infinity - First European Leg

Maaspoort, Den Bosch (12/03/97, some bonus tracks) *CD-R*
Touring Into Infinity 1997 (12/03/97, FII Demos)

Touring Into Infinity - First Japanese Leg

Touring To Theater (01/13/98)
Looking Into Infinity (01/14/98) *CD-R*

Touring Into Infinity - Second European Leg

Ancienne Belgique (02/26/98, FII Demos)
Deep In Heaven (02/26/98)
Last Day in Germany (03/18/98)
Precious Dreams (04/05/98, FII Demos)
Touring Into Obscurity (05/09/98) *CD-R*

Touring Into Infinity - Third European Leg

Nightown Nostalgia (06/22/98)
The Lost Paris Tapes (06/25/98, 1991 Demos)
Infinite Dream (06/27/98)
Waldrock Festival (06/27/98)

Deep Purple/ELP/Dream Theater Shows

Live In Universal (08/30/98)*CD-R*
Live In Los Angeles (08/30/98)


Jag panzer/Majesty
1986 Demo
Instrumental The 1987 Recordings
Instrumental II Your Brain On Our Music
No Sleep Since Brooklyn/ InstruMENTAL III
Studio Demo 1988-1990
Stranger Than Fiction
Winter Rose In The Dream
Another Days Of Dream Theater
March Of The Tyrant
Guitar Talkin'
When Dream And James Unite (Mortsville Music)
When Dream And James Unite (Gypsy Eye)
Falling Into Infinity Demos*CD-R*
Falling Into Obscurity *CD-R*
Trial Of Singles
-------------- PRISM RECORDS RELEASES --------------
Acoustic Dreams
When Dream And Today Unite
Scenes From A Memory
Precious Things
The Darkest of Winters
Mosaic *CD-R*
-------------- SCARRED RECORDS RELEASES --------------
Seven Wonders *CD-R (MP3)*
Spinning Years *CD-R (MP3)*
Spinning Years 2 *CD-R (MP3)*

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