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Rush CD Bootleg List

Last Update: 04/09/02
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Special Thanks : HARA Izumi, Alexandro Talamini


Yes, I know there're many many CDR releases I've not listed on this list. But basically I'm not interested about CDRs so I do not add all of them. Sorry.

I need all Rush bootleg CDs (not CDRs) I've not located yet. If you have such CD and can part with it Please e-mail me !!
NOTE: changed my e-mail address on Late March, 2002

Total Ranking (sure that's my own opinion): COOL! > GOOD! > no mark

TitleDates (MM/DD/YY)Media

New Adds (Feb. 14, 2002)

Return To Cleveland GOOD! 08/26/74, 11/03/742CD
Oak Oppression GOOD! 12/02/782CD
Farewell To Frankfult COOL! 05/28/792CD
Mystery Eyes GOOD! 03/01/812CD
War Paint COOL! 05/08/902CD
Cool Dream COOL! 04/02/942CD
Misstress Of The Dark COOL! 05/07/942CD
An Evening With Rush COOL! 06/30/973CD
TitleDates (MM/DD/YY)Media

RUSH tour

Fly By Cleveland '74 08/26/74 + 11/03/74CD
Return To Cleveland GOOD! 08/26/74, 11/03/742CD
Freefall 11/03/74 + 11/--/74?CDR
Fancy Dancer 11/03/74 + 11/28/74?CDR
Come In And Feel The Show 11/17/74CDR
WQIV-FM broadcast from Electric Ladyland Studios
Live From The Electric Ladyland Studios 1974 GOOD! 12/05/74 + 08/26/74CD
Rush Hour GOOD! 12/05/74 + 08/26/74CD
Electric Ladyland Studio 1974 12/05/74CD
By-Tor '74 GOOD! 12/05/74 + bonusCDR

Fly By Night tour

Agora Ballroom FM Broadcast
Can't Fight It 05/15/75 + 1st singleCD
Live Anthem 1975 GOOD! 06/25/75CD

2112 tour

Seattle Unaired FM Recording
1,2,Buckle My Shoe 03/28/762CDR
Seattle Supersonic 03/28/76 + 1st single2CDR
2112 Days 03/28/76CD
One Hot Night 05/30/76CDR

All The World's A Stage tour

Another World's A Stage: Tuning Man GOOD! 11/28/76 + --/--/762CD
Wonders Of The World GOOD! 11/28/76CDR
Discoveries 03/28/76CDR
Capitol Punishment 04/17/772CDR
The Necromancer GOOD! 06/01/772CD
The Hallowed Halls 06/02/77CDR
Sign Of Eth 06/02/77CDR
Celebrate the Eve Of Big Wave 06/02/77CD

A Farewell To Kings tour

Siren Song 12/10/77 + 02/14/782CDR
Fly In The Night 12/--/77CD
Niagra Falls 05/10/782CDR

Tour Of The Hemispheres

Rocinante 11/04/78CDR
Vancoucer Circumstances GOOD! 11/04/78CD
Tour Of The Hemispheres 11/15/78 + --/--/782CD
Tucson Soundboard
Cygnus X Story GOOD! 11/20/782CD
Black Hall Of "Cygnus X-1" GOOD! 11/20/78 + XXX2CD
First Time In Tucson 11/20/782CDR
Cygnus 11/20/78CD
Cygnus Gold Edition 11/20/782CDR
Oak Oppression GOOD! 12/02/782CD
Live Hemispheres 12/16/782CDR
Tour Of The Hemispheres Vol. I,II 12/16/782CDR
Hemispheres Performance 05/24/79CD
Farewell To Frankfult COOL! 05/28/792CD
Pink Pop Soundboard
A Right To Passage COOL! 06/04/79CD
Rushian Roulette COOL! 06/04/79CD
Praying For The Light COOL! 06/04/79 + 03/27/81CD

Pre-Permanent Waves tour

Two Great Suites GOOD! 09/12/792CD

Permanent Waves tour

The Three Magicians GOOD! 02/02/802CD
Copy from "Live In St. Louis" Anthem promo disc
La Villa Strangiato(Seagull) COOL! 02/14/80CD
La Villa Strangiato(Flood) COOL! 02/14/80CD
Natural Science COOL! 02/14/80CD
Taurus Pedals From Hell GOOD! 02/14/80CDR
Hyperspace 02/14/80CDR
The Spirit Of St. Louis 02/14/80CD
The Spirit Of Radiostar 02/14/80 + ATWASCD
Magic Of Radio GOOD! 02/14/80 + 02/18/80 SC2CD

Pre-Moving Pictures tour

Allentown soundboard
Hyperspace COOL! 09/30/80CD

Moving Pictures tour

Exit...Stage Right GOOD! 03/01/812CDR
Mystery Eyes GOOD! 03/01/812CD
ESL soundtrack
A New Reality 03/27/81CD
Red Barchetta 03/27/81CD
Red Stars Of the Solar Federation 03/27/81CD
Careful With That Axe, Alex 03/27/81 + 09/21/83CD
A Symptom of Life 03/27/81 + "Vital Signs" liveCDR
Moving Stage 06/14/812CD
Tom Sawyer 06/14/812CDR
Atmospheric Disturbance 06/16/812CDR

Exit...Stage Left tour

Hemmerlein Halls 11/12/812CDR
Moving Pictures Story GOOD! 12/20/812CD
Tempest 12/20/812CDR

Signals tour

Autumn Woods and Winter Skies 12/09/82 + 04/12/822CDR
Signals From London 05/21/83 + 03/25/862CD
Signals From London Remaster 05/21/832CDR
Absolutely Signals 05/21/832CD

Pre-p/g tour

Countdown 09/18/832CDR
The Spirit Of Baseball 09/23/832CDR

Grace Under Pressure tour

Experience To Extremes 06/25/84 + bonus2CDR
Experience To Extremes 06/25/84 + bonus2CD?
p/g soundtrack
Currently In Vogue 09/21/84CD
Enemies Within And Beyond 09/21/84 + 03/27/81CD
Fear 09/21/84CDR
First Vision Under Pressure 09/21/84 + 03/27/81 + MP demos?CD
Live In Toronto 1984 09/21/84 + 03/27/81CD
Live Under Pressure 09/21/84 + 03/27/81CD
Live Vol.1 09/21/84 + 03/27/81CD
Obsolete Absalom 09/21/84CD
Rush Hour 09/21/84 + 03/27/81CD
Temple Of Syrinx 09/21/84CD
The Spirit Of Radio 09/21/84 + 03/27/81CD
Tom Sawyer 09/21/84 + 03/27/81CD
Largo Soundboard
Bottle Of Booze GOOD! 09/27/84CD
Tip Of Iceberg 09/27/842CDR
Made In Japan GOOD! 11/20/842CD
Four Nights In A Judo Arena GOOD! 11/20/842CDR
Greace Under Pressure 11/20/842CDR
Red Sector A 11/21/842CDR

Power Windows tour

DoubleBill 12/08/852CDR
Catch The Spirit COOL! 03/24/862CD
Better Beer GOOD! 03/24/862CDR
Diamonds In The Waste 03/24/86CD
Philly soundboard
Mystic Dreams COOL! 04/16/86CD
Heaven And Earth '86 ...Never Released 04/16/86CD?
Philladelphia Project  04/16/862CD

Hold Your Fire tour

Anything Can Happen 04/02/88 + 03/24/862CDR
A Desperate Voice 04/21/882CDR
ACOS soundtrack
Hear In Hear Out 04/2-/882CD
Event 05/04/882CDR
Here Again 05/05/882CDR

Presto tour

Staring Down Into A Heartless Sea 05/01/902CDR
War Paint COOL! 05/08/902CD
That's Entertainment! 06/17/90 + 03/24/862CDR

Roll The Bones tour

Live One/Two 11/01/912CD
Rush Live USA 12/07/91CD
The Fly 12/07/91CD
Live Not confirmed but after 12/16/91CD
Oakland Soundboard
Rush'N'Roulette '92 GOOD! 01/30/922CD
Mirrors COOL! 01/30/922CD
Conduction GOOD! 01/30/922CD
Rush Hour Greatest Hits 01/30/92 + 09/21/84CD
New Orleans 1992 02/23/92 + 02/25/922CD
Mardi Gras 02/23/922CD
Pensacola 02/25/922CD
Bravado 03/15/922CD
Roll The Stones 04/12/922CDR
Wembley Soundboard
Run From The Fans GOOD! 04/17/92CD
Superconductor GOOD! 04/17/92 + bonusCD
Time To Roll GOOD! 04/17/92 + 01/30/92CD
Run Faster 04/17/92CDR
Bone The Rolls 04/23/92CD
Over The Europe GOOD! 04/29/922CD
Atmospherics COOL! 05/03/922CD
Cold Flames GOOD! 06/20/922CD

Counterparts tour

Northern Heroes 01/22/942CD
Gangsters Of Borts 01/23/942CD
Come To A Stand Still 03/02/94 + 05/21/862CD
Florida 1994 03/04/94 + 02/20/902CD
Storm In St. Petersburg 03/04/94 + 02/20/902CD
Closer To Our Heart 03/09/94CD
Auburn Hills Soundboard
Critical Mass COOL! 03/22/942CD
Majestic Symphonies GOOD! 03/22/94 + 12/05/742CD
May GOOD! 03/22/94 + bonus2CD
For Your Mind...Never Released 03/22/942CD?
Cool Dream COOL! 04/02/942CD
Lock Stock & Barrelled 04/26/942CD
Landover Soundboard
Darkness And Light 04/26/94CDR
Toronto Soundboard
Animated COOL! 05/07/942CD
Misstress Of The Dark COOL! 05/07/942CD

Test For Echo tour

Never Stands Still 10/19/962CD
Echoes for Test Borts 11/03/963CDR
No Opening Act 11/06/963CDR
Test Drive 11/21/962CD
Virtual Songs 11/29/96 + 12/12/81 etc.3CDR
Dances With The Moon 12/15/96 + bonus3CDR
To Hear Amazing Things... 05/11/97 + bonus3CDR
An Evening With Rush COOL! 06/30/973CD

Miscellaneous Bootlegs

Exit...Stage Live Various datesCD
Through The Window PoW Working Tracks?CD
De Javu CP Working Tracks?CD
Watchful Eyes (MP3 bootleg) Various datesCDR
Spiral (MP3 bootleg) Various datesCDR

Some Radio Discs (not Bootlegs)

Interview Vol.2 HYF interviewCD
In The Studio - Moving Pictures MP interviewCD
In The Studio - Signals/Grace Under Pressure InterviewsCD
King Biscuit 84 p/g sound trackCD
King Biscuit 87 ESL and p/g selected sound trackCD
King Biscuit 90 ASOH sound trackCD
Off The Record (1992) Interview2CD
Off The Record (1993) Interview2CD
Off The Record (Counterparts) Interview2CD
Rockstars (Dec 89) Interview2CD
Spirit Of Rush (Global Satellites) Interview3CD
Story of Kings InterviewCD
Up Close (Presto) Interview2CD
Up Close (Roll the Bones) Interview2CD
Up Close (Counterparts) Interview3CD
Up Close (Test For Echo) Interview3CD
Up Close (Different Stages) Interview2CD

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Rush CD Bootleg List

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